General Fitness Wednesday 9/7/16

Prep Work
2 min row
2X10 Pass throughs
2X10 45/35 OHS

Every 2 min for 12 min
5 Hang power snatch-Light weight quick and snappy

500M Row
750M Row
1000M Row
750M Row
500M Row
Rest as long as it takes you to row each set, or partner up

3X:30 banded pec stretch
3X 1:00 pancake stretch
3X10 T-spine wall press

Cool Down
Post results


One thought on “General Fitness Wednesday 9/7/16

  1. Keep the Snatch light and snappy the last 2 days have been pretty challenging for people, just focus on keeping that bar close to the torso and a very shallow but quick stand up Im talking MAYBE 50% for those who have a pretty good 1RM and then maybe 50-70% for others who haven’t hit a true 1RM

    The row portion make sure people are actually setting their position for the pull and using those hamstrings. It should look more like a deadlift then a squat. Try and have people keep their heels down (almost) the whole time. A little heel raise in the closest position is fine.

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