General Fitness Tuesday 9/6/16

Prep Work
2 min single skip jump rope
2X50′ Each
bear crawl
Crab walk
Broad jump

10 min AMRAP
30 double unders
10 Man makers (Push up Row R+Row L Dead lift+Hang power clean)
10 Single arm OVHD Walking lunges (Use one of the dumbbells that you used for your man makers)

3 sets of
Strict press Till failure+3 push press
Weight should be something challenging but atlas 5 reps on strict press
10 min cap

3X10 Box jump 30/24 (Jump up step down)
3X15 Stiff legged deadlifts 53/35-

5X300M Row
2 min rest in between sets

Cool Down
Post results


One thought on “General Fitness Tuesday 9/6/16

  1. On the Strict press portion make sure that people are working with a manageable weight-they need to be able to get atlas 5 reps with that weight. A good goal would be 6-7 reps. Once they are unable to get that next rep then they go to 3 reps on Push press to get a little extra out of it. And of course perfect form.

    Portion C Is just accessory work and shouldn’t be performed for time. DONT have people go heavier with the DL. We are just working on strengthening those legs and build up a little bit of explosiveness going into the fall.

    For people wanting to row either have them take a 15 min break in between portion B and then perform D then followed by C


    If they want to come back later and do portion D that would be fine also.

    Basically just having people perform C. At the end of they first training session.

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