General Fitness Wednesday 6/22/16

Prep Work
3 min run/row/airdyne
2X 10 each
Goblet squats
PVC Split jerk
2X:30 PVC External Rotation

Clean grip deadlift+Below the knee hang clean with a 2 second pause+split jerk
12 min to build to a max

3X10 (5L/5R)
“Top box” pistol progression
While standing on top of a 12-24″ box on a single leg, control your opposite leg and drag it down the side of the box while you go into a single leg squat.Let your leg touch the ground and use it to generate the a bit of momentum to help you get out of the bottom of the squat.

3 min Max calorie row or Airdyne your choice

Cool Down
Post results


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