General Fitness Friday 1/29/16

Prep Work
500M Row
2X30 Table top stretch
2X10 Pass throughs

Max Burpees In
The goal is to beat last weeks numbers

3 Sets of
2 Min Row For max distance
8 OHS From the ground @ 80% max snatch
Rest as needed in between sets

*these rowing sets should be very challenging
20 Min cap

2X 1min Goblet 3/4 squats.
Using a KB of your choice- You will perform the squat breaking below parallel and coming up almost high enough to lock out your legs. You will never lock your legs out during the set.

How it will go
0-:20 Max 3/4 squats (not locking legs out)
:20-:30 Will be a hold at that top position (still not locking legs out)
:30-:50 Max 3/4 squats…
:50-1:00 Will be the same hold…
Rest 1 Min Then repeat

Cool Down
Post results


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