E.J. week 3

Box squat-Parallel
Weight should be pretty consistent for all sets 95-155

6 Sets of the Snatch complex
Snatch Pull+High Hang Power snatch+Above the knee Power snatch+Power snatch from the ground.

Snatch Grip dead lift
3 seconds on the way up, 3 seconds on the way down 115-155

3 rds for time
1K Row
20 Ring rows with false grip
80 Double unders

Tuesday 1/26

6X500M Row
Rest 4 Min In between sets
Goal 80-85% of PR on row Assuming it should be around 1:38-1:42

21 Min EMOM
1st min 15 Russian Swings 53lb
2nd min Anchored 15 sit-ups w/15lb plate (Keep plate on your chest)
3rd min 5-10 Burpees (take it easy on these for speed, keep that shoulder feeling good)

Acc work
5X5 On each leg
Single leg KB RDL
For quality not time

5X20 Hollow snaps :02 on :02 off

5X15 Hip Hikes

Wednesday 1/27

15 Min To build up to a challengingĀ 
Front squat
*Go as heavy as you feel comfortable with

10 Reps
Power clean+Dip+Drive
*Go as heavy as you feel comfortable with. Treat it as if you were going to a Clean and Jerk But instead of putting the bar OVHD. Simply perform a dip/drive/send off. Allow the bar to come up to eye level or so and then catch the bar back on the shoulders.
Make sure that you are staying as tall as possible during the send off portion. Don’t allow yourself to get pulled forward during the dip portion-Film some of these and email them to me

10 Attempts
Split Jerk
Start light make sure that your footing and torso position are solid-Use that explosiveness that you were just using during “B”

10-1 For time
Hang Power Double Dumbbell clean 55’s
Toes to bar
Time cap 12 min

Thursday 1/28
Run 20 min easy pace

Friday 1/29
3k Row
Rest 5 Min
3K Row

DB KB Russian swings 44-53’s (if your feeling up to it make these into DB KB Cleans and go a bell size lighter)
After each set of the swings perform 30 Unbroken Double unders-If you break on them you have to restart only two mulligans per round.
Time cap 9 Min

5X:30 Hollow hold
5X:30 Superman hold


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