Monday 1/17
Back squat
Make the second wave heavier then the first

20 Thrusters
20 Pull ups
20 Burpees
@ 90% effort
rest 5 min THEN

Bergeron beep test

As far as you can in 10 Min
1 Squat clean 125
1 Muscle up
2 squat cleans
2 Muscle up

Tuesday 1-19

Every 2 min For 20 Min
1 Clean+1 Hang Clean+1 Jerk
Any type of jerk- Warm up to a good working weight and start there. All 10 Sets should be within 40lbs of each other.

Push press
7 Attempts Build up to a heavy 3 rep Touch N Go (The bar must be moving no pausing)
Have fun with this. Who doesn’t love some explosive hips!!!!!

C. 2 K Row @ 70-80% effort
I want you to have fun today but today and Wednesday will be a little bit easier. Then Back at that OPEN GRIND ON FRIDAY! Im excited to see these workouts this year!!!! If there are any things you think you are not 100% confident with let me know and we can talk+Start to pepper em in there a little more frequently. Your progress is awesome and I can’t wait to see how you do this year!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wednesday 1-20
10 Min EMOM
Odd min 6 Alternating Back roll to pistol
Even min Hand stand hold to summersault
Rest as needed

10 Min EMOM
Odd min 7 KB Snatch R+7 KB Snatch L
Even min 3-5 Strict pull ups

3 Sets of
10 Single leg KB RDL Each side

20 min Airdyne Ride On Goldie-Keep it at the same pace the entire time

Friday 1/22

10 Sets of 2 Dead Lift From a 4″ block.
*Weight is up to you, not looking for you to kill yourself just get a little bit of extra pulling in-The little height advantage is just to help you find that neutral position and tension throughout your whole posterior chain.

2 Min of Max plate burpees
Rest 1 min
How ever many plate burpees you got for time.
For example If I got 35 burpees in 2 min I am going to rest the 1 min and then try to get the same number of burpees in a faster time say 1:48. This does not mean sandbag the first 2 min. I still want to see a high number

For time
Ground to OVHD 155/115
C2B Pull ups
8 Min Cap
* I don’t expect a lot of people to finish this so don’t stress if it doesn’t. I am looking for you to Burn this shit down

Accumulate 3 Min of A hollow hold on the ground,
*Feet and hands 6″ off the ground+shoulder blades up off the ground also (if possible hold a band or a stick of PVC OVHD and make sure those elbows are locked out go with a snatch grip width)

Saturday 1/23

10 Min Of Turkish Get up practice
10 Min Muscle ups practice

Death By Power snatch 75lb
All reps must be unbroken, You may rest OVHD or at hips as much as you want.
If you complete round 12, the 13 round will be turned into a 60 second AMRAP. Get as many as possible

Rest 5-8 Min

50 Toes to bar for time
Every time you drop 30 Double under penalty



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