General Fitness Friday 10-23-15

Prep Work
1 set
1min Hollow body bar hang-5 Seconds relaxed 5 seconds engaged

The Relaxed position on the bar is still a test of your range of motion, meaning you can hang from the bar         with your elbows straight, armpits forward, and spine braced in a neutral position. The engaged position         will be a hollow hold.

1 min Plank
Being in the top of your push up position-Weight is optional 45-65/25-45lbs, Actively screw your hands   into the floor, rock forward, position your shoulder over your hands. To help maximize torque, think about    getting the pits of your elbows forward. Engage your core flattening out your lower back and squeeze those glutes. 

1 Min Hurdle stretch (each side)
Get into the push up position with a foot on the outside of your hand, keeping the opposite leg straight behind you, drop your hips straight down, creating a stretch through both legs.

2X10 Low amplitude Beat swings (Hollow to arch)
2X3-7 Explosive push ups
2X10 Deep squat+High tuck Jump

20 min AMRAP
5 pull ups
10 Push ups
15 Air squat
****If you are expecting to get more then 20 rds, use a weighted vest (if you have one).

3 Sets
10 Pass throughs
20 Hollow rocks
30 Banded good mornings

Cool Down
Post results


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