General Fitness Tuesday 10-13-15

Prep Work
5 min Airdyne/row/run
2X10 T-spine wall press
50′ Inchworm push up W/:05 hold at top of rep

10 Min EMOM
Even Min X 10-15 American swings
Odd Min X 7-10 Burpees

10 Min EMOM
Even min X 10-12 Double KB Russian Swings
Odd Min X 5-8 Floor press with same KB’s

LVL 3 
10 Min EMOM
Even min X 10 Alternating Dumbbell snatches 75/55
Odd Min X Muscle up to 5 Strict Dips

3 rds for time
100 Double unders
10 SDLHP 53/35
Finish with 800M Run

Optional Conditioning
60Min Row…
Yes, its finally here. Goal should be to hit the same pace as 48min
This will best be performed in a class that has a following class behind it (5-6,11-12,330-630)
First come first serve for the rowers….Make sure you RSVP for your class

Cool Down
Post results


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