General Fitness Tuesday 9-15-15

Prep Work
4 Min as many rounds as possible (Just like yesterday just move-don’t rush).
50′ Inch worm push up
50′ Broad jump-soft landing

12 min max distance row
****Row times should be close to 2k row pace +/- 10 seconds.
Example: if I Row a 8 min 2k (2:00per 500M) my goal would be to be no Faster then 1:50 per 500M and no Slower then 2:10 per 500M 

Rest 3 min

Every 2 min for 12 min (6 sets)
1 min of burpees
Rest 3 min after last rest break (4 min rest total)
****If you get to 20 within the min stop there. Try and hit your original number each set. This portion of the day is about pacing.

12 Min AMRAP
400M Run
21 American Swings
12 Pul ups
Rest 2 min in between rds
****This portion of the day should be the most challenging.

****If you need to cut down on any of the volume today instead of cutting a whole piece of it out simply cut the time domains in half.
A. 6 min row
B. 3 sets of burpees
C. 6 min AMRAP

Cool Down
Post results


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