General Fitness Tuesday 4-7-15

So the Crossfit Open season has come to an end, we will go back to a good old squat/strength cycle for the next 5-6 weeks and work on getting stronger. I do ask that you post to the website a few goals with a timeline for each goal (minimum of 3 they just have to be exercise/health related). Whether it is to run a mile a whole min faster then last year or maybe squat 405 post something on the page and lets set some goals.

Prep Work

2X10 Walking high kicks
2X10 stiff legged KB Deadlift
2X10 Air squats


3 sets of 2 rds
60M Farmers Carry (AHAP)
10 Heavy or higher wall ball shots
Rest 2 Min after 2 rds have been completed (Goal is quality of movement and then speed)

200M Sprint
10 Toes to bar
20 Double unders

ACC Work
3 Rds
500M Row
10 Burpees over the Urg

Cool Down
Post results


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