General Fitness Monday 3-30-15

Prep Work

50′ Inchworm push up
2X30 Table top stretch
2X30 Couch stretch
2X10 DB KB Strict press

Todays workout is a fun one we have not done all in one day…But today is that day

Crossfit Total
Establish a 1 RM in 3 chances on
Back squat
Dead Lift
Strict press
Take a few min to warm up each lift, if you have an idea of what you are ideally going to hit clarify which set will be your opening lift for
Previous 1RM for my Back squat is 406 I would warm up to about 70% of that then decide how heavy my first attempt would be around 335-355, Second attempt 375-395, Then depending on feel i would try and go anywhere from 406-406+

Cool Down
Post results


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