Competitive Monday 3-30-15

Prep Work

PROGRAM NOTE – The 2015 CrossFit Games Open wraps up today! If you are on the bubble of qualifying individually or helping your team qualify, you might be taking another crack at 15.5 today. If that’s not the case, you are probably wondering what is next.

Moving on to Regionals – If you have earned the opportunity to compete at Regionals on a team or as an individual, congratulations! You should view this is a great accomplishment, especially considering that only half of the athletes who would have been going from your region in previous years will be moving on to regionals this year. Second, you should be using the next few days to relax and reinvigorate. The first regionals are 7 weeks away. Considering that you all have been grinding for at least 5 weeks without many breaks, you need to take a couple of days to deload and clear your mind. Year after year I have to convince athletes that it’s ok to take a couple of days to back off on training before we start hammering it hard in preparation for regionals…and every year someone regrets not taking the advice. Do yourself a favor and don’t rush the process of regionals preparation. It will be at least 6 weeks of intense training, so you want to go into it eager to train and 100% healthy. For the next three days, continue to follow the Competition blog and be ok with the fact that the workouts aren’t overly strenuous. Our official 2015 Regionals Prep Program will begin on Friday, April 3.

Starting the Off-Season – For those of you who will begin your off-season today or tomorrow, our strongest suggestion is that you GET OUT OF THE GYM! Seriously, this is something we’ve been trying to hammer into athletes for years now. When a season comes to an end, take some time to mentally and physically revitalize. For the next week your focus should be on enjoying life to the fullest. Your training shouldn’t look like “training,” but rather like playing! If you choose to go into the gym instead of enjoy some sports or the outdoors, that’s fine, but don’t feel confined to structure and progress. There is plenty of time to get back into that mode when our official off-season program begins on Monday, April 6.

Workout of the Day
Three sets, not for time, of:
15-20 Meter Handstand Walk
12 Alternating Pistols (load with a KB if you would like)

Every 8 minutes for 32 minutes (4 sets):
Run 800 Meters @ 85-90%
25 Russian Kettlebell Swings (32/24 kg)
25 Push-Ups

Three sets of:
Hollow-Rocks x 60 seconds

Cool Down
Post results

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