General Fitness Tuesday 12-2-14

Prep Work
50′ Inch worm push up
2Min On Airdyne Or 500M Row
2X5 Drinking birds
2X5 Leg pumps

10X 200M Repeats-Rowing
rest as needed in between rds
****For this workout try and hit a fast pace the first set and be within +/- :05 Each rd after
We will be doing some more rowing in the near future… 😉

Hand stand practice. spend 15 Min working on different positions as listed. If you have control of a certain movement progress to a more challenging version
1.HS From box-Work on stacking your hips on top of your shoulders, Elbows, hands.
2.Wall Walk-Start in a push up position facing away from the wall, Push up and take a step up the wall while walking your hands closer and closer
3. Wall Handstand-Starting with your hands approximately 6-10″ Away from the wall work on kicking up to a neutral position upside down.
4. Nose to Wall HS-Similar to the wall walk except this one your goals is to get to where your nose and your toes are the only thing against the wall, Your hands for this should be no more then 6″ away from the wall.
5. Free standing HS- Exactly what we think….A lot of us can kick up into somewhat of a HS and Hold for a second or two but to properly hold in the inverted position you should be VERY Neutral. Feet together, neutral spine, hands flat, toes pointed.

A Good Goal For today would be able to hold each position for :30 Before moving on.

ACC Work
2X3Min Double KB Rack hold AHAP

Cool Down
Post results


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