Prep Work
2X30 Table top stretch
2X30 Couch stretch
2X30 Soleus stretch

Strength (Option A+B)
Taking last weeks back squat weight add 5-10%
Every 2 Min for 7Min 3 Back squats

Really focus on your depth and speed on the squat. We want to be breaking below parallel of course while maintaining a good upright position

Strength (Option A)
5 Rds
Using double KB’s
10 Heavy Diggers
3-7 Strict press
rest 2 min

WOD (Option A)
10 Rds for time
3 Shoulder to OVHD 155/115
5 C2B Pull ups

WOD (Option B)
16 Min EMOM
EVEN min :20 Hollow Hold
ODD min 10 Weight walking lunges

ACC Work
50 Russian swings for time with 70/53

Cool Down

Post results


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