Regional Training

Squat Prep
Single arm over head warmup-Snatches, lat stretches, presses etc.

Establish a 20RM Back squat
If you hit your weights last week add anywhere from 10-20lb
If you missed the 20 By 1-3 Reps retry set at same weight, missed by 4+ Drop 10 lbs

Dividing the total number of athletes onto 2 different teams there will be a sprint
Each athlete will go through the work solo

2 Rope climbs
10 Burpee box jump overs
10 Alternating dumbbell snatch 90/55
100ft Burpee Broad jump (Down and back between pull up rigs)
as soon as athlete gets back to the starting side of the pull up rig the other team mate will run from the center pull up rig. (where everybody else is waiting to start also)


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