General Fitness Wednesday 11-12-14

****Programming Note****
Todays portion will have some options. Means that we are in a new olympic lifting cycle we will provide you with two different options.
Option A will be focused on strength and cutting back on conditioning and putting even more effort towards strength gains. Option B will still be going through our traditional style of training in the olympic lifting cycle but with a conditioning still being a big priority

Option A. Will be to do both strength portions and WOD Minus the row.
Option B. Back squats+WOD

Evaluate your goals to pick which option and have some fun

Prep Work

2X30 Table top stretch
2X30 Couch stretch
2X30 Soleus stretch

20 Min to build up to a heavy 5 rep max on Back squat

(A Only)
Every 2 Min for 12 Min
KB Bench press X 7 Reps

(A -ROW, B +Row)
3 Rds for time
1k Row
50 Double unders
20 Long Cycle 10R+10L 53/35

ACC Work
3X5 Bottoms up KB Press

Cool Down
Post results


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