General Fitness Monday 11-10-14

…The start of our new Oly Cycle…
The Lifting days will be broken up into 3 separate days
Take advantage of our Olympic lifting class on thursday @ 530 it will be one of the cycles programmed days.

Prep Work
2X30 Table top stretch
2X30 Couch stretch
3 Rds
5 Snatch grip DL
5 Muscle snatch

Every 2 min for 12 min (6 Sets)
2 Power snatch+1 Full snatch
For this complex you are going to be asked not to drop the bar in between reps.

5 Rds for time
60M Farmers Carry AHAP
5 strict pull ups (LVL 2 strict ring pull ups)
10 Air squats
rest 1 min

Cool Down
Post results


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