Regional Team training

Prep Work
Squat prep
Rotator cuff prep

Warm up your squat say no more then 5 reps at each weight and then take one shot at a 20RM. We will be doing this the next few weeks.

Establish in one attempt a 20RM Back squat

Skill work.
Muscle up transition work.
5X5 Strict ring pull ups W/False grip for everyone-Goal here is to pull rings to your chest and fatigue your grip
5X5 Ring transitions. This will be done without a band. Start by placing your toes directly under the rings, push your knees forward and lean back. Making sure you are getting a good hip extension, pull rings to chest, throw head over rings and land in the catch position of the dip. Just pick up your feet at the end. no need to do the dip…
5X5 Kipping ring dips. :02 Hold at the bottom position of the dip.

Cool Down
2 K Row nice and easy
Post results to Facebook page.


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