General Fitness Tuesday 10-7-14

First thing we have an issue that needs to be addressed. Please be cautious of where you are walking in relation to other lifters in the gym. I know for some this is a given but when somebody is getting ready to perform a lift do not walk right by the end of their barbell or in front of them. It is very distracting and very unsafe. Please show some respect for other people in the gym. Also for parents bringing their children please make sure you clean up after your children every class. We have a cleaning crew that comes 2X a week and they have really been having to work hard lately (Kids making messes). The gym floor is for adults only, we have a designated kids room for them. Please help to follow these little guidelines to make our gym that much better.

Prep Work
500M Row
3Min of jump rope work, if you can do the starting stage move on to the next
1. :30 of single under
2. :15Single leg jump Left+ :15Single leg jump right
3. :30 Double under
4. :15Single leg Double under Left+ :15Single leg Double under Right
5. :30 Triple unders….
6. Reverse Double unders…
Have some fun with this , Make Marcos Demo all of these movements 😉

50 Cal airdyne ride
3 Rds Of
10 Wall balls
30 Single unders
50 Cal airdyne ride
For time
100 Cal airdyne ride
5 Rds of
15 Wall balls
30 Double unders
50 Cal airdyne ride

If there are no airdynes available stagger your start times

Cool Down
Post results


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