Prep Work
Handstand Gymnastics progression. 10Min Cap+Calf Stretch

Team WOD
Teams of 2
1 Team mate working one will be “resting”

Work portion- Amrap 12 Min
9 Wall balls
30 Double Unders

Rest portion- will be a single Heavy bell in the rack position. If they bell is set down the team mate who is working must stop.

*Adjust the reps/Movements accordingly to how your body feels.

ACC work
Pull up challenge Test. 5 min max strict pull ups, Last week of overhand grip.

Cool down
Break in those foam rollers!



Prep work
3 rds
10 partner assisted power swings
10 walking lunges

3×10 good mornings 135/95
2 min rest in between

Post turkey day burn AKA

ACC work
pull up challenge
Seated DB KB press 5×5

Cool down
Yes, that is a lot of moving.


Prep work
3 Rds of
5 RDL’s
5 Mid thigh clean pull
5 Push jerks
No more then 75/55lb


“DT For Load”

12 Deadlifts
9 Hang Power Cleans
6 Push Jerks

5 Rounds for Max Load

*These rounds are not for time, but must be completed unbroken to count.
Inspired by Louie Martinez  from

Cool down
10 Drinking Birds
20 High kicks 10R10L
3 Rds
Mobility of your choice



Prep work
10 Pass throughs
3Inch worm push ups
3 Rds

5Min amrap
5 strict pull ups
10 Perfect pushups

rest 2 min

3Min amrap
10 Kipping pull ups (LVL 2-3 Muscle ups)
10 burpees

rest 2 min

100 Situps for time (LVL 2-45 T2B)

Accumulate 2:30 In a DB KB rack position, Heavy bells. Guys try and aim for 44+ Girls 26+
Pull up challenge continues, add todays first amrap to your on going count

Cool down
1K row


Prep work
2 rds of
Duck walk 50 ft
Partner assisted hip stretch :30 R/L

5,5,3,3,1,1 back squats
Weight is up to you 20min time cap

Lvl one
3 rds
30 cal airdyne sprint
20 wall balls
10 DB KB push press

Lvl two
3 rds
300m sprint
20 wall balls
10 ground to over head 135/95

ACC work
Pull up challenge continues

Cool down
Couch stretch
Calf smash


Prep work
Partner up 3 rds of
10 barbell snatches
5 Wall squats
2 Turkish get ups

Team Nancy!
In teams of 2 you must complete
5 rds of
400m run
30 ohs 95/65

Both team mates must run the 400, divide the work however you like on the ohs. 1 barbell per team

ACC work
Pull up challenge

Cool down
30 banded pull aparts


Prep work
10 drinking bird
10 leg pumps
Lat stretch :30 R/L
3 rds

5 rds for time
10 heavy Russian swings
10 goblet squats
10 T2B
Rest one min in between rds

Then after 3 min max calories on either the air-dyne or rower

Cool down
100ft inch worm(no push up) every 3 do 3 scorpion stretch each side.