Prep work

3 Rds of:

7 Stiff legged dead lifts (SN Grip)

7 Snatch Pulls (above the knee)

7 Hang power Snatches (above the knee)

All done with 45/35/15/PVC



10 Min Set to find a max on

Snatch Grip Dead Lift-Touch and go snatch

(The focus for this should be tech. let it decide how heavy to go).



1.5K Row 

then directly into…

5 Min Amrap

5 plyo push ups

10 Russian Twists

50Ft weighted walking lunge.


Cool Down

General warm up.



A pull up challenge…

Optional Volume challenge for 4 weeks.

      The goal for this is to perform multiple sets up pull ups everyday except Sunday. Everyday you will take advantage of a spare minute-multiple times. Go over to a pull up bar or anything you have access and do several strict pull ups. Lets say no more then 10 each set. Do not go to a failure point or a “shaking” point, it should be manageable each time not something that is literally going to wipe you out. Space them out also, not back to back sets. You could perform this before a workout, after a workout, before dinner before bed etc…

     There will be a 5 min max set each Saturday. The first 2 weeks lets use a pull up grip and the last 2 weeks use a chin up grip.



Monday 10,10,8

Tuesday 8,10,10

Wed 10,10,10

Thursday 0

Friday 10,10

Sat 5Min Max 35

Sunday REST

Total 141

Each week you can add more reps in where ever you feel comfortable with no more then 10 at a time.



     Monday will be the start of this challenge. Good luck




Prep Work

Runners agility



:30 Air-dyne Sprint, :30 off

For 3 Min


Rest 1 Min

100ft Bear Crawl or  50ft Burpee broad jump EMOM 3 min

Rest 1 Min


:30 Air-dyne sprint, 30 off 

for 3 min


…Yes, this has burpees 2 days in a row if you want it to…


Cool down

Banded hip mobility



Prep Work

Team Stretch



Dont drop the baby”

Teams of 2

Complete the following for time

400M run

20 Push press 135/95

400M run

30 Burpees

400M run

40 Pull ups

During this workout the “baby” will be a 45/35/25 lb plate for Male/Coed/female teams. You cannot drop the plate. While one person is working the other of course holding the “baby”. If you drop the “baby” there will be a 5 rep OVHD lunge penalty for both partners at the end of the workout. Both partners must run and split up the workload between each other however they decide. More details at the gym….

ACC/Skill Work 

Handstand hold/Pushups 


Cool Down

Mobility-Hips, shoulders, lower back, etc.


Prep Work

3 Rds

10 Power swings

10 Wall Squats


14 Min AMRAP

15 Russian Swings (heavy)

20 Double unders Unbroken-If Broken penalty will be an additional 15 Double unders to total it up at 35

15 Wall Balls 


Cool Down

3 Rds

30 Sec hollow rock 

30 Sec plank hold



Prep work

3 rds of (45/35/15)

7 RDL’s

7Snatch pulls

7 Snatch grip high pulls


Olympic lift

10 Min to work up to a heavy snatch from above the knee



3 rds for quality

1 min accumulated overhead lockout DB KB

1 min air-dyne (not an all out sprint)

200m Suitcase carry (Single bell)


ACC Work

banded pull aparts 30


Cool Down

40 Banded overhead squats