Prep work
Handstand progression 15-20 min

Wod 15 min amrap of
Lvl one
10 hang power cleans
20 stationary lunges w/DB kb’s
30 pull ups

Lvl two
10 power cleans 135/95
20 stationary lunges w/ DB kb’s in the front rack position
30 pull ups

Cool down
Mobility of your choice- pick something that is tight or sore and spend some quality time tending to it.
Examples-team stretch, hip mobility, bands, lacrosse balls, foam rollers.


Prep work
10 banded pull aparts
10 dislocates
10 forward facing high kicks- right, left
2 rds

Lvl one
Work up to a heavy set of 3 on push press

Lvl two
Behind the neck snatch grip push press

3 rds for time
10 deadlifts 225/155 cap
800M run

OPTIONAL skill work
3 min of double unders
*Not required ,simply getting some practice in.

30 sec jump rope
5inchworm no push up
3 rds


Prep work
3 rds of 10 partner assisted power swings
:30 handstand progression hold

Level one
Single bell complex
12 Russian swing
6 cleans
12 push press
6 long cycles

5 attempts total. Working up to as heavy as possible
Left side and right side must be completed to move up

Level two
12 DB Russian swing
6 DB cleans
6 push press
12 long cycles

5 attempts total. Working up to as heavy as possible

Cool down
Banded arm stretches
5 min in the air-dyne



Prep Work

3rds of 5 Double Burpee’s

Table Top stretch






Why Because we can.

95/65 are going to be the regular weights that they set for this workout.

You have the option of going heavier, with a cap of 135/95. If you guys do choose to go heavier do not do the optional strength portion.

We will be performing this workout in separate heats.

****opt str.

**** SnatchGrip Deadlift 2-2-2-2

Cool Down

Couch stretch

Hip Mobility


Prep work
3 rds
Arm bar stretch R/L
15 KB deadlifts

Breakdown on the clean

single bell long cycle switch as needed.
In between the run you will run 200m

****opt str. Same deal you know the drill it’s close grip bench day.

Cool down
Table top stretch
pretzel stretch
Forearms also!