Warm Up

Prep Work

Banded arm stretches

Hollow rocks

15 min Handstand work

  1. Elevated pike hold
  2. Raised foot pike hold (20/24/30”)
  3. Wall walk to hold (belly to wall)
  4. kick into handstand against wall
  5. free handstand

8 min AMRAP of:

5 push ups

10 PERFECT squats

Cool down

Banded Lat stretches



Prep work

Runners warm up


800M run or (400m Double KB carry any weight)

40 Shoulder-OVHD 45/35

400M run or (200M Double KB carry any weight)

40 jumping pull ups

800M run or (400m Double KB carry any weight)


****opt str. 3 attempts to work up to a heavy complex on the following(straps are ok)

Take into account how sore you might be. If you are not @90% or above don’t do      this


3 rds to establish a max

2 clean deadlifts

2 Below the knee clean pulls

Cool down 

Mobility on calves and shoulders


Warm up


Prep work:

3RDs of 

10 Good mornings

5 inch worm push ups




****opt str. perform


**** close grip bench 5,5,5+


100 DB KB russian swing

-Every 25 swings you will set the bells down and take off on a 200M run

-If you set the bells down before the 25 mark you take off on a 200M run

*each time you set the bells down its 200M mandatory, 4-200M run minimum rest 2 min 


after WOD then perform the following 12 bent over KB rows and 30 seconds acc. hollow rocks 3 rds

ACC work: 3 rds

12 bent over rows

30 hollow rocks 

Monday 5 week cycle starts

Prep Work:

Establish what portion of the gymnastics chain you are on. Every one starts from beginning no jumping up to the hardest step.

You will have to perform 7 reps before you can move on and start working on the next progression. Make sure and rest in between sets. Remember which progression you are on because you will need this for the following weeks.


1)Banded Chin
2)Banded Chest to Bar Chin
4)Chest to Bar Chin
5)Banded pull up
6)Banded Chest to Bar pull up
7)Pull up
8)Chest to Bar pull up
9)Ring pull up

The movement that you feel “challenged” with should be your set movement for the workout


4 Rounds for time of the following:

10 reps @ Gymnastics. step 1-9
200m suitcase carry 53/70
10 burpees
rest 1 min in between rds

**** Optional Strength. Substitute the suitcase carry for farmers carry-stay light

**** 55% of 1RM squat for 20 reps. MIDBAR

– Post results for prep work/WOD and strength(optional) to comments.

Cool Down:

Scorpion stretch/lat stretch”


One of my favorite workouts….

A. “Diesel”
12 min amrap of max single KB unbroken jerks right/left. After setting down on both sides take off on a 150ft sprint.
The goal of this workout is to get as many jerks as possible- two different ways of going about are big KB sets nice and slow with lots of rest in the rack position or move quickly and try to get the sprints done ASAP. KB weight is totally up to you but I would suggest going heavy. 70+ guys and 53+ ladies

The weekend and Monday


This weekend it was pretty cool to see LRP show up and represent! Good job Miguel and Joey also.

Today we test the squat.

A. Find a one rep max for BS

B. DEATH BY 10M sprints
for example, the first minute is 1-10 M sprint, the second minute is 2 -10 M sprints, the third is 3-10 M sprints and so on until you can’t complete X number of sprints in 1 minute.